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The organization traces its roots to a small, but very significant gift of $1,200 from Piner’s graduating Class of 1989. With that money, Bob Zeni, Piner’s retiring vice principal, was to start what was to become an alumni association of Piner graduates, Piner staff—active and retired—and friends of the school.

The Foundation actually was incorporated by Zeni in 1992, but remained inactive until he chanced upon a meeting held at Piner’s Performing Arts Centerof the Piner High Alliance and other folks interested in helping the school.  From there steps began to make that corporation come alive in September 2002.

Where does the money go? Faculty members receive a Foundation grant application during the school year and can submit a request for an item(s) that would enhance the teaching experience or learning experience for students that would not otherwise be available through the regular and diminished school and department budget.  The current limit on requests is $200 per application, but teachers can combine grant requests for larger items up to $600.  
Best teachers
Requests have come into the Foundation from all school departments—math, science, English, art, foreign language, business, the library, and others.  The grant applications are reviewed and items must be for sustainable materials that can be utilized in the teaching/learning process for more than one time.  A few examples of grant purchases include, a document camera and projector, a lung comparison kit, convection tubes, DVD players, hand tools for art, 45 copies of Into the Wind, DNA fingerprint gel. wireless speakers, AP Spanish practice testing material, laptops, time lapse cameras, laser printers, and scientific calculators. 

The 12 years of requests have been numerous and varied, but each one of them has provided teachers with that “little bit extra” to make learning and teaching more meaningful. The teachers and students are very appreciative of their grant item(s). The Foundation wants to thank all of you who have supported our purpose.

Half the printing and mailing cost of the Alumni Newsletter is also paid for by the Foundation, with the other half paid for by the Piner High Athletic Hall of Fame. Both organizations are federally tax-exempt non-profit organizations. The Piner High HOF not only recognizes past outstanding athletes at their annual dinner, but for years has been raising money to get Field Lights at Piner and has recently been joined in that effort by the Piner Boosters.

So what can you do?  Become a member of the Foundation or continue your membership in the Foundation.  Members and Piner Supporters can also make financial donations in memory of someone, in celebration of someone’s achievement, etc. —tax deductible!  But…spread the word about the Foundation.  You have classmates with whom you are in touch.  Ask them to join…dues are still $20 a year, which includes two yearly Alumni Newsletters.   Membership runs for a single school year September to September.  Piner has graduated hundreds and hundreds of you since that first graduating class of 170 or so in June of 1968.  Encouragement from you could really help to grow the Foundation.

Thanks to our members, our fundraising events, and additional donations the Piner High Foundation has distributed over $70,000 to purchase classroom supplies and equipment that enhance the learning process for Piner High Students.

Current officers:
President:  Randy Nunes
Vice-President: unfilled
Secretary: Bob Zeni
Treasurer: Randy Nunes
Board members: Jim Lanz, Jeff Avery, Dale Solheim and Tina Murray.